Rainy days and Mondays


Today has been the most unproductive day ever. I think it’s the comedown from the excitement of finally making my decision on which country to live in! I’m at that stage  now where I’m just waiting to hear back from schools I’ve applied to and so I feel a bit useless. There are actually several things I could be doing such as getting the ball rolling for renting out my flat in London, finding a place to live abroad or even just the Christmas shopping which I haven’t started yet, but it’s so cosy inside that I don’t want to go out into the drizzly rain! (First world problems, I know).

I’ve decided to do some temp work to tide me over financially until I move abroad. I figured it was easier and more flexible in case I have a Skype interview or need to sort something out with my flat but there wasn’t actually any work available today so I found myself at a bit of a loose end and not knowing what to do with myself! I’m usually pretty good at getting things done when I have a planned day off and have a schedule to stick to but I find if I have an unplanned day off my brain doesn’t really kick in properly and I end up milling around for ages before getting into gear!

Oh well, I guess sometimes you need those random days off to recharge. Plus there has been a lot of excitement in my life recently and so perhaps a chill day was necessary!

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