And the destination of choice is…


That’s right, I’ve made my decision! After reading countless pro and con lists of several Asian countries, Taiwan emerged victorious. Despite my apprehension at never having visited the country before, I think I have made the right choice and if not then it will, at the very least, be a learning experience! (Cliché alert)

If you read my earlier post then you’ll know that South Korea was my original choice but the threat of potential war looming over the country meant that alternatives needed to be found to secure mine and my family’s peace of mind (my Mum was not best pleased at my intention to go to Seoul!)

There seem to be some good jobs in Taiwan and the cost of living is relatively cheap. The benefits aren’t as good as in Korea, i.e. they don’t pay for housing and there don’t appear to be any contract completion bonuses but, from what I’ve read it seems to be as good a place as any to start. The only other downer about Taipei is that there are no direct flights from the UK so connections via Hong Kong it’ll have to be haha!

Anyway, more updates to follow!

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