CELTA course complete!

Yay! Officially graduated from the CELTA course at International House, London! So excited to be a certified, qualified ESL teacher now 🙂

I had so much fun on the course. It was intense and a lot of hard work but I met some really lovely people (see pic below, taken in our classroom on our last day). Sadly, my other tutor Jan is not pictured but he was also lovely!

Photo 12-11-2017, 02 44 15 (1)
CELTA graduates!
L-R: Danni, Sarah, Nick, Celia (tutor), Chandon, Deevi, Elaine, Me, Delfina, Blanche

I miraculously managed to score a ‘Pass B’ which apparently only 25% of CELTA trainees achieve!

Have started on my job hunt now and am just trying to decide which country I should go to. At the moment I think it’s between South Korea and Taiwan…although I have also toyed with the ideas of Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan! I have a contact in South Korea (who my tutor, Jan put me in touch with) who says she could get me a job which would be a big help. Also the big plus with South Korea is that they tend to pay for airfare and accommodation so I would be able to save a lot more…

Anyway here are some more pics from the end of the course!



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